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Covenant Partners


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Calvary greetings in Jesus name. I want to thank you all for your continuous support for this work of the great commission ordered by our Lord Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world and the son of the most High God. I have prayed for you, I am still praying for you and I will continue to pray for you always until victory is yours in all fronts in Jesus name. I also pray that you will grow as I grow too in Jesus name. Amen.

This time around those who choose to be my covenant partners in the work of the great commission will have to set aside at least two days in a month to fast and pray for me. Your prayers among other things shall include telling God to give us more grace to do this work. I promise you also that I will fast and pray always for you too and I believe as we joined our faith together in prayers all will be well with you and with me in Jesus name. Amen!

Another thing is that as God give you grace any of my partners can choose to belong to any of the group below to contribute to the work of the great commission and as the spirit leads.

For this new partner’s contribution programme we have the following pledge groups:

GROUP 1: Those who pledge N1,000 or equivalent of $10 per month
GROUP 2: Those who pledge N10,000 or equivalent of $100 per month
GROUP 3: Those who pledge N50,000 or equivalent of $500 per month
GROUP 4: Those who pledge N100,000 or equivalent of $1,000 per month
GROUP 5: Those who pledge N500,000 or equivalent of $5,000 per month
GROUP 6: Those who pledge N1,000,000 or equivalent of $10,000 per month
GROUP 7: Those who pledge N5,000,000 or equivalent of $50,000 per month

You can now register to become a partner!!!

If you are not on this page please click on COVENANT PARTNER and register normally and from the registration page you can make your first payment ONLINE.

Though the amount you choose during registration will be displayed at anytime you want to pay online, however you can choose to pay above what you have pledged to pay on monthly basis during registration, the system allows that.

Once you have registered on the system, the system will display your ONLINE COVENANT PARTNER’S CODE starting with "RCCGCP" for example RCCGCP10324 & this code will be sent to your email and to your mobile phone as text. When next you want to make your payment you don’t need to register again just go to www.rccg.org then click on COVENANT PARTNER, then click on SIGN IN, then enter your membership code, your mobile phone number as password the system will bring you to your membership page where you can then make payment ONLINE.

You can click on HISTORICAL PAYMENT DETAILS to see all the contributions you have made from the day this 2015 covenant partner programme started till date. For those who want to pay cash, you have to register first, and then obtain your COVENANT PARTNER code. You will then take this code to any branch of Zenith Bank and pay cash. Please note that you must go there with your COVENANT PARTNER CODE for the payment to appear under your name.

For each payment you make you will receive either a confirmation email and/or sms from RCCG server and you can login to view such payments. You can also download RCCG MOBILE PAYMENT app from www.rccg.org to make payment using your mobile phones.